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Current Restoration/Renovation Projects

I have completed the restoration of my 1983 Renault 18i. I did hundreds of hours of work on it and now utilize it as daily transportation.

My next project is to restore my flooded Peugeot 505 STX

As an inspiration to other French Car enthusiasts I have decided to showcase others restorations. It is important as owners of French Cars that we share our experiences as show the possibility behind what appears to be impossible. This will give us the ability to "think outside the box" and explore options that we would have never considered.

I would also recommend to any person who is attempting a restoration the use of Project Management. Restoring a car is a big process that must be broken down into small tasks in order to see the light of day, and most importantly insure our sanity in the process. With a tool such as Microsoft's Project 98, you can create a timeline for your project and see the progress from one goal to another.

Also not to be overlooked as a benefit of Project Management is the avoidance of wasted time. While one's devotion to French cars is a noble cause, our relationship with our loved ones is much more important. With the right kind of management your restoration will require less time than you expected.


Renault 18i Renovation