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Renault 18i Renovation- It STILL runs!!!

Well the car still runs! (as if I am surprised or something) As I make the long overdue updates this 22nd of November 2004 I am trying to think of all I have done. In a nutshell the car is my daily driver to work. It now has approx 23,000+ miles on it. It still does not have a radio, but then again is there anything that Clear Channel owns that is worth listening to?

So what did I end up replacing in the end, and what have I continued to replace?

The head was cleaned up and had newer valves put in. I replaced the water pump, fuel pump, fuel injectors and rail, fuel tank, plug wires, belts, gaskets, electrical switches, hatchback struts, floor matts, and driver side window.

Then after a few thousand miles....(not in any particular order)

Charged A/C.

Had Valves properly adjusted.

Transaxel gearbox o-rings leak live a seive after a few months.

New Master cylinder as other new one died.

New wheel cyclinders.

Factory alternator dies. (a Ducelier)

70amp Ducelier Alternator.

Moved up to a 90amp Paris-Rhone.

Paris-Rhone decides that it will blow a diode and dies.

Back to Ducelier.

Used replacement fuel-pump dies. (Bosch)

Replace with new Bosch fuel pump.

New pump dies, spend 3 days trying to clean out the junk that had seized it. I try reversing the polarity to spin it backwards, nothing works. Wife comes outside to see how I'm doing, I exclaim "not very *&^*$ well!" and slam the pump down on the concrete. For grins I hook it up to the battery again. It works, and has been on the car since!

Installed in-line particle trap to prevent fuel-pump seizure. (Audi 4000 part)

Replace fuel-pressure regulator.

Replace fuel-injection hoses.

Replaced tires with a new set. Now it rides like a French car should.

I figured I spent between 300-350 hours of my time since 2000 on the car. I worked from pictures of a friends car for most of the renovation. So whats left?

I am also looking for roof rack components that will hook onto the existing rack so my wife and I can carry our two French mountain bikes. Updated pictures will follow. One thing I did not want to mention until I was able to receive title was the fact that the car had never been titled to an individual. The cars former owner was American Motors Corporation. From what I can tell the car was a dealer loaner car or a lease car. Whatever the history was it still managed to only rack up 16,000 miles. So what is the moral to the story. If you want to restore a car, find the most complete example available, and find a buddy to help you!



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