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Pictures from the Waco, Texas Citroen Meet

wa-ds1.jpg (33256 bytes)  wa-cxturbo1.jpg (36019 bytes)

A recently purchased DS awaits the caravan to Waco, as does this CXA CX Turbo. (at Revolution Motors)

wa-lecar1.jpg (32171 bytes)   wa-lecar2.jpg (29181 bytes)

A nice example of a Renault R5 "Le Car" at Revolution Motors in Austin, Texas

wa-r8atpats.jpg (38211 bytes)   wa-cxturboroad.jpg (20703 bytes)

A RHD Renault R8 at Revolution Motors                   Let's get this show on the road!!!!!!

wa-dsontheroad.jpg (16614 bytes)  wa-rollsandDS.jpg (25955 bytes)

French cars backed traffic up for miles on I35           Pat Whale tapes Jonathan Burnette from a RHD Rolls

wa-reststop4.jpg (37011 bytes)  wa-duelingphotos.jpg (26864 bytes)

A pit stop gives us a chance to answer questions from curious travelers.

wa-patandjon2.jpg (32246 bytes)   wa-reststop1.jpg (25917 bytes)

Pat checks his tape, Jonathan checks out the CX.             CX Turbo wants back on the road!

wa-bigmeetpic.jpg (34648 bytes)   wa-2cv4.jpg (24265 bytes)

At the park                                                                        Very nice 2CV, from Colorado

                                                            wa-cx2500.jpg (27655 bytes)

CX Break. I saw this car at Revolution Motors before restoration, and could not believe that this was the same car!  The car was rusty and very rough, but now in the loving care of its devoted owner.

wa-citroen1.jpg (26457 bytes)  wa-smengine.jpg (46242 bytes)

Another rare sight in the USA, a Citroen AMI            A detailed engine bay of a Citroen SM

wa-cxengine.jpg (38913 bytes)  wa-cx1.jpg (34336 bytes)

Engine bay of a Citroen CX 2500 Prestige                                      Rear view of the same car  

wa-ds3.jpg (33013 bytes)  wa-ds4.jpg (26476 bytes)

An example of Citroens Hydraulics is taped by a Waco TV station

wa-2cv1.jpg (32248 bytes)   wa-2cv2.jpg (33959 bytes)

Traveling on Texas roads with a 2CV is a long adventure, how about from Colorado?

wa-truckette.jpg (30457 bytes) wa-DSrv.jpg (35985 bytes)

Two Citroen derivatives, one from France, one from???????    All that's missing is teeth!!!!!      

                                                wa-grouppic.jpg (27690 bytes)

                                     Austin contingent poses for photo before the long ride home.