Renault 18i Renovation Page
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Renault 18i Renovation Page


I have been working on the R18i Wagon for quite some time. Most of the work so far has been cleaning parts. Upon dropping the oil pan I was greeted with a Jell-O Pudding type consistency of oil.

I also discovered that the fuel pump was completely clogged with varnish. I disassembled it and cleaned it the best I could. I am having difficulty piecing it back together. Fortunately I have located another one.
I have also located another fuel tank and intank pump. Both are verifiably working. In addition to the clogged fuel pump I discovered that the fuel lines were also blocked solid with varnish. Several cans of Carburetor cleaner were used to clean the lines. I can stress enough to check the little things when trying to
breath life into a car that has sat.

Next on my list:

Ordering the valves
Sending the head off to a machine shop for work.
Cleaning the head gasket remains off of the engine.
New Water pump
Master cylinder rebuild

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