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The Franco American Motor Heritage Society

The place for preserving French Cars in North America

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What we do.

We are a web-based community supporting existence of the French car in North America. We seek to promote and encourage the appreciation of our fine French vehicles.

Why French Cars?

There are many great things about voitures françaises, but even greater things about French Car owners. The owners represent the passion that was put into the design of these cars. French cars are similar to Italian cars in many ways. While there are few French super cars like the Italian Ferraris and Lamborghinis, there is still much to be passionate about. (The French do make several super cars, with Venturi being the most well known of the bunch) French cars follow their "Romance Language" kindred in having "poetic" styling, passionate handling, emotional driving, and a total absence of mediocrity. These are the types of cars you fall in love with and pursue against the warnings of your peers. In many ways they are much like the chase one undergoes when pursuing a love interest. It is no doubt that cars are described as women. Even the French word for car; "voiture", is feminine in gender. Leave it to the French to describe something with uncanny accuracy! Much like the latter, French cars can be fickle if not "properly attended to." There are some things that one should best overlook as "less than perfect." C'est la vie, c'est la vie. But much like the relationship between to individuals, love is something that overlooks all flaws, and focuses on the true beauty of what really matters.

So what are you really saying?

What I am really saying is that if you are one that is still connected to the beauty of life, who enjoys the road less traveled, who is a hopeless romantic, who still feels a tingle in the spine, then maybe a French car is for you. If you have no opinion, "need to crunch the numbers", "wonder what your friends will think", think that a boycott has something to do with vintage cars, then maybe you should go ahead and finance that Lexus at that attractive interest rate. You’re absolutely right; the Lexus is the safe choice.

I see a good future for our cars.

Apologies to those who have emailed me only to not receive a response. I have not had access to my account since last November. I finally received access to it again, only to find that all of my email is gone. If you had contacted me after November 22, 2005, please do so again with your original question.

We can be reached at: francoheritage

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